The Art of Fast, Life Changing Friendships

As I reflect on the truth that I have only been at Holy Cross for a little over a month, it amazes me how quickly and beautifully relationships and memories can form. Before Holy Cross my social life consisted of a small circle of girls, that I continue to love an appreciate, as well as the consistent conversations held at my part time job with customers and my co workers turned friends. In coming to school however, I never knew how true friendship could be formed within a month of knowing someone.

When at school, particularly Holy Cross, academics are the most crucial part to the environment. In recognizing that among peers and discussing coursework, conversations spark up and result in many more detailed and deep insights. Late night laughing sessions, 2 hour nightly dinners at Kimball, and scheduled tea time have been just a few of the beautiful traditions created in m life over the past month. Have faith that you are bound to meet the people meant for your journey as God sees fit in His timing. The memories had there have no time table or specification, they just profess love, acceptance, and perpetual joy!

Early Mornings at HC: Make your mornings more Meaningful

I would say that I have always been a morning person since out of necessity, I would have to rise before the sun each day to make the drive each day to make the drive to my high school. Yet while the aspect of necessity is not there any longer, early mornings are thankfully sticking with me at Holy Cross. 

The importance of a morning routine is crucial to me and I believe that it is what has helped to lead to my early adaptation over the last two weeks at HC.

Below I have put together a list of just a few aspects that I currently have in my morning routine, that way you may be encouraged to start your own and possibly even join me at  5:00 am each morning on the hill.

p.s. the sunrises with coffee in hand here are BREATHTAKING. 

  • avoid the snooze button and thank God for your day first thing
  • drink 20 oz of water
  • stretch/workout
  • brew coffee or your favorite tea
  • call a family member or friend
  • journal
  • read the bible or a book
  • listen to one song to set a positive tone for your day
  • make your bed
  • shower/wash up
  • Pray. Pray. Pray.

Take on each new day with gratitude!

I am praying for you!

Finding Joy in the Present Moment

Hey everybody! I hope that the Christmas season treated everyone kindly and that you all are ready to transition into 2021 with a refreshed heart and an optimistic outlook on life.

I am happy to say that I just moved onto campus, and with that comes so many joys and long-awaited experiences. I look forward to sharing all of the many beautiful encounters that I will be apart of in the coming weeks and months. As for this post, however, I am grateful to be sharing my favorite aspect of winter break.

Through the necessities of our social distancing world, the amount of time that I could spend with many of my friends was limited, and yet the joy held in each time we did get together was wonderful. One exciting tradition made up over the course of the break was meeting up with my best friend for Mass and dinner every Saturday night. The sense of normalcy that came from these moments

My Home Parish:
“Divine Mercy” Peterborough, NH

and the laughter that filled every individual time spent allowed me to reflect on the gratitude all of us can hold for each moment. I am praying that we can all remember, through the ups and downs that are bound to face us in this upcoming semester, that the present moment is a gift.

Hello world!

Welcome to my Holy Cross Blog!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving break. With the holiday season upon us I have no doubt that the light that is present amidst community and heart is only going to expand over this next month.

My name is Elsi Ojanen and I am a freshman at the College of the Holy Cross.  I am planning on double majoring in English and Religious Studies, as writing and talking about my Catholic faith happen to be my favorite pass times. It is here that I would love to share snippets of my heart, what it entails being a student at Holy Cross, albeit virtually at the moment, and how a life of joy and gratitude can make the world a better place one person at a time. I would love if you would stick around as I hope to write and update once a week.

Keep shining that beautiful light of yours!